The Open - Film work in progress

“Everything surrounds us, we are as if inside a space that has lost its edges, has no limits, one that we have not even entered. When we move forward, arms outstretched, our hands grasp a branch. We hear a shudder, a wing, a trace. But the path that had just opened closes, we stagger, shaping the unknown we were trying to hold off”.
Jean-Christophe Bailly

Jean-Christophe Bailly


In the 1920’s the ‘Boston’ medium Margery Crandon undertook an extraordinary series of seances, producing materialisations - both voiced and visceral - of her deceased brother Walter. ‘Margery’s’ explicit and traumatic looking mediumship, producing ectoplasm from her orifices: vagina, ear, nose and mouth in trance, is the subject of this current film-in-development.

The project will be made with the participation and insight of Anna Thurlow, the surviving grand-daughter of Margery, with materials drawn from the family archive of the medium.

Signals from Mars

Photographic image sequence and light-box constructions.