The Flying Proletarian

"Familiar places are those that have incorporated themselves within us"
Jean-Luc Nancy

The third film collaboration between filmmaker Phillip Warnell and philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy explores ideas on the land, the stranger and the open, with a surge of space-race animality. A multi-sensory account of lavender distillation, it suggests the integration of an historical character within the flora and fauna infused life-world of La Drôme.

space race animality. photo©Big Other Films Ltd, 2017

S16mm film work, 36 mins, 2017 - augmented cinema (scented)
Primary filming: La Drôme, France.
Screening the film requires the inclusion of scent-machines
Further specification upon enquiry:
with David Perrin
editor Katrin Ebersohn
text Jean-Luc Nancy & Phillip Warnell
cinematography Annika Summerson
sound design/mix Philippe Ciompi

Screenings: 2017-18
Moscow Experimental Film Festival, 2018
Tate Modern - Museum of Clouds project, Nov 2018
FICIC film festival, Argentina, May 2018
Harvard Film Archive (HFA), May 2018
CPH-Dox world premiere, March 2017
Sheffield Doc Fest, UK premiere, June 2017
(artists' on celluloid screening, with Luke Fowler & Fern Silva)
Installation/exhibition at Studio 55 gallery, Seoul, South Korea

British Film and Video
Space 55, Seoul Korea – 1- 20 Dec 2017
two films in installation, with catalogue
The Flying Proletarian and Ming of Harlem
exhibition curated by Ian (director of 'eyeball')
nominated by Andrea Lissoni, Head of Film, Tate Modern