Museum of Clouds forum, Tate Modern 2018

Presenting an artists' film workshop at the ICA, London at 6pm on Thursday 28th November with Director of Photography David Raedeker and Nick Gordon-Smith:

Pictured: Joanna Hogg and David Raedeker working on 'The Souvenir'.

Filmmaker Philip Warnell and cinematographer David Raedeker discuss the use of 16 mm film in their practices in this workshop presented as part of In Production.

"Defying expectations about the future of the moving image, light sensitive film continues to be utilised throughout independent and commercial filmmaking. This event explores various approaches to 16 mm film, raising and answering practical questions about the methods, benefits and risks of using film on shoots. The workshop will be followed by an audience Q&A and discussion.
David Raedeker is an award-winning cinematographer who has worked across cinema and television with directors including Joanna Hogg (The Souvenir), Sally El Hoseini (My Brother the Devil) and Phillip Warnell (Ming of Harlem). Phillip Warnell is an artist and filmmaker working primarily in analogue formats. His work has been presented internationally at film festivals, curated screenings, and in research contexts. He was recently a Radcliffe and film studies fellow at Harvard University and is currently working with the UK’s Department of Justice on a prisons project."

Presenting at FIDLab, Marseille, July 11th 2019. With Myrto Farmaki.
See 'in development' for project details.
The Open

Phillip Warnell will be screening Ming of Harlem and be in conversation with animal psychologist Diana Reiss at MOMI, New York on April 28th 2019.

Phillip Warnell is chairing a discussion on Javier Fernández Vázquez's new film work in progress at the Frames of Representation film festival at ICA, London on 15th April 2019.
Frames of Representation

Cineteca Madrid,
Symposium/Screenings - Boundaries between vision and technology
31st Jan-2nd Feb 2019

Glasgow University Event
Ways of Seeing Ourselves: visions of human embodiment from Hunter to today. The Hunterian.

Involved in the Museum of Clouds project at Tate Modern, exploring new models of developing auditorium viewing, Oct 2018

From September 2017 Warnell will be undertaking a Radcliffe-Film Studies Centre fellowship at Harvard University for one academic year, focusing on three projects: a series of interconnected questions on ‘animality-cinemality-criminality’ involving engagement with film professionals, exploring screen roles and the relationship between appearance, criminality, measurement and typecasting.
Radcliffe-FSC research

Research screening & discussion
Northwestern University, Chicago
Thursday 26th April, 2018
Block Cinema

WILD MINDS - Symposium, March 31st 2017
"what is opened up is not a debate about 'animal intelligence' with all its burdensome procession of qualitative evaluations, it is the possibility that there may be incorporations and pathways other than those captured by the is, in other words, the possibility that humans do not have an exclusive claim to meaning".
Jean-Christophe Bailly

Wild Minds symposium
Cinema 1, London ICA, Friday March 31st 2017
Symposium convener: Phillip Warnell
with support from Kingston School of Art & the ICA

'Wild Minds' is focused on the ambiguities and co-operations that define our relations with other species. Bringing together filmmakers, theorists, curators and those working directly with animals groups, the symposium will combine presentations, in-conversation, film, and notes on performance. The various contributors will consider processes by which co-presence, proximity, encounters and (impossible) relations with wild minds are established: from the origins of wild life photographic representation; generational transmission of zoo and conservation; one-to-one animal encounters; image-making solutions of contemporary artists' film and other commercial cinema. Participants will share from their research specialisms, experience, theoretical frameworks and practical references, traversing livelihoods and project-based work with other creatures. Phillip Warnell

with confirmed contributions from:
Jean-Christophe Bailly (poet & philosopher; author of 'the animal side')
Michael Lawrence (sussex uni; editor: zoo & screen media: images of exhibition and encounter)
Lynn Turner (goldsmiths uni; editor 'the edinburgh companion to animal studies')
Filipa Ramos (curator; editor: 'animals' whitechapel docs)
Phillip Warnell (kingston uni; artist-filmmaker)
Honor Beddard (wellcome collection curator)
Charlotte Corney (zoo director, IOW)
Ben Rivers (filmmaker)
Fevered Sleep (performance company)
Myrto Farmaki (video inserts)
Éléonore Saintagnan et Grégoire Motte (filmmakers, Brussels - UK premiere of 'La Betes Sauvages, 36mins)

from left to right: Éléonore Saintagnan et Grégoire Motte; Honor Beddard, Charlotte Corney, Filipa Ramos, Phillip Warnell, Fevered Sleep, in conversation at the ICA

An evening film screening programmed by Phillip Warnell and Ben Rivers in Cinema 1, showing the rarely screened: From the Pole to the Equator - Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi on 16mm

Artists' workshop on animals, 2016 ICA London
with Filipa Ramos, Jessica Rinland, Mihnea Mircan and Shama Khanna

Natural History Museum talk at 'Unruly Creatures' symposium on 'Projections of Animality', 2011
"Using examples from his screen-based work and research, Phillip Warnell discusses ideas on the animal (and human) body, at the point where an additional cinematic or phenomenological element has established a ‘projection of animality’. From exaggeration and disappearance through strangeness, displacement or mechanical means, light emitting organs and privilege of speed, the stretching and shape shifting of bodily formats and their dimensionality anticipates science and fiction melding into an emergent, shared space of hybridity, symbiosis and transfiguration."
Projections of Animality

UCLA presentation with Prof Lisa Cartwright, 2010
UCLA: Body Disease Illness