Couples, a series of startled, composited onscreen couples video loop. 2002
Exhibited in Zero Visibility, MOMA Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2004

Fever, four screen video installation loop. 2008
Exhibited at 'Event Forming Bodies' 300m3 gallery, Gothenburg 2008

Shock, High-speed video loop, two composited couples in asynchronous state. 3mins, 2004
Exhibited at Matts Gallery, London, 2005

"plays with the very issue of the responsive individual and their relationship to the camera. On each of two monitors we see two people's shocked reflex reaction in extreme slow motion, becoming portraits of choreographed whiplash. Much more interesting than Sam Taylor-Woods comparable decaying digital still life, Warnell's portraits motion towards the possibility that the camera offers to capture and relay - in the detail lost in reality - the most instinctive and fragile of human reactions". Sarah James, Art Monthly

The Electric Hare, Super 8 loop. Part of the ‘One Minute’ collection of films curated by Kerry Baldry and held in the collection at the BFI
2mins (or 1min), 1994

Listeners & Speakers (2000) - Composite animation. 3mins
Exhibited in Zero Visibility, MOMA Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2004

Vertical Swimming - Endless loop silent video composite. 4seconds, 2007

Golden Nugget: Three blue eyes pay jackpot - The signs on a slot machine reworked to consist of the artists' facial and body parts, with bemused commentator, 2001. 8mins
Exhibited in 'Meanwhile...' The Nunnery, London 2000

Voyant - a bizarre, recorded visit, to a parisian clairvoyant, 1994. 20mins